It is a priority at Global Medicals to put customer services at a major premium. We endeavour exhaustively to eliminate all foreseeable slip ups but remain mindful of the fact that at times we might not be able to deliver at optimal levels and fall shy of your 100% approval.

In the event of any dissatisfaction our robust complaint procedure pledges to acknowledge your complaint promptly and address your concerns vociferously, sensitively and objectively. We are focused on delivering positive and expeditious resolutions.

Preliminary Protocol:

In the first instance we encourage you to raise your apprehensions with the person in charge of the conduct of your case. This can be done either by telephone, in writing or by email. The person dealing with your case would acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours of its receipt. It would then become incumbent upon him to investigate your concerns thoroughly and provide a proposed resolution in writing within 5 working days. In matters of onerous complexity you may have to wait a little longer but we shall write to you within 5 working days with a full update along with the estimated time scales for a comprehensive response.

Global Medicals Bfd Limited
(Head Office)
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or we can also be contacted on 0800 6345 786 .

We expect your interaction with Global Medicals to be rewarding and pleasant. Your valued feedback avails us of the opportunity to perpetually monitor and improve our standards of care.